EAT better

and so it begins….

welcome to ‘the nobó blog’.

we hope that this becomes a source of inspiring healthy recipes, visual pleasure, ideas, tips and updates from the road as we begin our journey to launch our dairy-free organic brand, nobó and Ireland’s first range of dairy-free healthy ‘ice-creams’.

it’s important to us that there is something for everyone here, so you will find that most of the recipes we include are gluten free and vegan. We also avoid all processed ingredients (no white flour or refined sugar here!) but that doesn’t mean it can’t taste ‘oh so’ good.

we endeavor to make healthy choices a little easier to make because those who know us, know we love food so you can be sure we won’t sacrifice flavor and enjoyment, and we don’t expect anyone else to either.

some other things you will find here;

lots of photos – mostly taken with a 50 year old 35mm lens

a mix of whole food recipes, things we like or see that we think you may like too, tips, maybe a few ‘guest blogger’ posts, cook-offs, updates on our business and so on.

and some things you won’t;

correct punctuation and sentences beginning with capital letters…why?, just cos..

overly labourious cooking instructions. you won’t find “pour the water into the pan, turn on the heat and boil until you see bubbles” type directions here – we’re going to give you the credit of assuming you know the basics. But if you don’t know, or have a question, please just ask – together we can work it out (cue McCartney and Lennon).

We hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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