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buckwheat noodles with orange tomatoes and crispy tofu

It seems that all of our posts of late are quick tasty meals for when you’re flying around the place! Suppose it explains how frantic our lives are at the moment, but it definitely doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on being healthy when you’re busy, or that dinner can’t be really tasty and satisfying.

As you may have already seen from Facebook and Twitter we are now officially selling our nobó alternative to dairy ice-cream at Marlay Park farmers market – this Saturday marked our debut and it went great! We’ll be there every Saturday 10-4 selling our delicious, hard to believe it’s good for you, ‘ice-cream’ by the scoop or to take home in 500ml tubs. We’re excited to be finally getting feedback and we’ll be doing more posts about our product and flavors and keeping you updated with further developments as they happen!

So back to this recipe, it’s one that, if you get the right ingredients together, can be whipped up without too much of a fuss. We found some cool orange tomatoes in our local grocery shop Cavistons, an absolute favorite! But of course your usual red tomatoes would work too. It might sound like an unusual combination but it really works. Being honest we rarely eat Tofu. I(Brian) don’t think it has a huge amount of offer, but Rach will on occasion have it. Anyway, this dish is just as good with or without it so feel free to include or exclude as you like.

buckwheat noodles with orange tomatoes and crispy tofu

serves 2

200grams tofu (organic and non-gmo of course!)
4 scallions
1 teaspoon miso
2 tomatoes (orange and red)
parsley and mint
1/2 orange chilli
soy sauce (braggs for Gluten Free)
olive oil
lemon juice
1 1/2 clove garlic
100 grams buckwheet soba noodles (I like Clearspring’s Organic ones, they are wheat free)
toasted sesame seeds


– Dice tomatoes, parsley, mint and crush half clove garlic.
– In a bowl mix tomatoes, herbs, garlic, a glug of olive oil, soya sauce, juice of 1/2 a lemon and season to taste. Set aside.
– Cook noodles per instructions (approx 5-7mins)
– Dice scallions and chilli. Cut tofu into cubes and crush garlic.
– Heat some more olive oil and lightly fry scallions, chilli, garlic and miso paste til golden – add tofu cubes and brown on both sides.
– Once noodles are cooked rinse them under cold water.
– In a bowl mix noodles, tofu mix and tomato mix. Season to taste and scatter with toasted sesame seeds.

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