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Our Favourite Place


Despite grey clouds, wind and rain that so often accompany a trip to the West of Ireland, there is something completly magical about its rough and unspoiled terrain. It was our first time spending Christmas there and we loved the experience. It is the perfect place to reflect on a busy year and look forward to the one ahead. There is something wonderfully restful about being away from the city with no TV, very little mobile signal or wifi – it forces you to take a breather and enjoy the surroundings. We finished a book each, walked everyday, had leisurely long lunches in the pub and ate warm apple crumble and these delicious clean mince pies with nobó by the fire in the evening. We also had a celebratory moment when we got to see tubs of our Frozen Goodness stocked in SuperValu Clifden and I let out an embarrassingly loud squeal when I witnessed a customer with a tub in their shopping basket. It’s always so exciting to see someone buying our ice cream unprompted, but felt extra special to see it while visiting our favourite place.

As always, I took far too many photos of the animals – I’m not sure how many cow photos are necessary to have – but given that we owe the name of our business to a brainstorming session in the West with these guys around – I feel I owe them.

Hope you had a wonderful and restful Christmas wherever you celebrated it, and wishing you all the best for the New Year!

Rachel & Brian






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