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Hello and Happy New Year! 

We’re really looking forward to posting more on our blog in 2015 and have plans for lots of new types of content. If there is anything at all you’d like to see up here – we are all ears!

There are so many fantastic new Irish food businesses – we thought it might be nice to do a feature on some of our favourite ones over the coming months. We love hearing about other start ups and how they started out, it always inspires us, and it’s particularly exciting when they are in the food or health arena – we hope you agree.

The start of a New Year usually brings with it good intentions and renewed goals to make life improvements. Eating better and making healthier choices is usually high up on the list, and rightly so. Making improvements in our diet can have a positive affect in several areas of our lives and lead to more energy, improved self esteem and generally just feeling better and healthier. That’s why our first profile couldn’t be more fitting. The Pure Kitchen was started by John McGovern, an ex-Accountant turned Chef who specialises in making real whole foods taste insanely good and delivering restaurant quality meals to your home, minus the dairy, gluten and refined ingredients. Their tagline sums it up ‘Nothing Added, nothing processed…..just pure food’.

If clean eating sounds like it might be a punishment or penance to you, then you have to give The Pure Kitchen’s meals a try. Because John is a food lover, and has worked as a a Chef in renowned Dublin restaurant Pichet, the meals that he produces are like no other ready meals. They are full of really high quality, whole food ingredients and are delivered with so much flavour that you could never feel like you are missing out.

We took a visit to John’s kitchen to see him in action and had a chat about how The Pure Kitchen came to life.


How would you describe what The Pure Kitchen is about?
The Pure Kitchen is about getting people back to eating real foods.
If people don’t have the time to cook for themselves yet want to eat healthy,unprocessed foods then come to us!

How did you come with the idea for The Pure Kitchen?
Back in 2010 I got much more into exercise and nutrition and realized the affects what we eat has, not just on how we look but on our whole body and mind. There were very few options for people who wanted to eat healthily but also wanted to eat tasty food. I was working as an accountant at the time but wasn’t happy so I quit my desk job and decided to follow my passion, food! I always had it in my mind that there was a gap in the market for healthy ready made meals but realized I needed to learn how to cook properly first so I did the 3 month cookery course in Ballymaloe and following this I worked in Pichet restaurant for 2 years. After about 18months I started The Pure Kitchen but then got too busy so I had to leave Pichet 6 months later and take the plunge!


What types of meals do you prepare at the Pure Kitchen?
We offer a full range of breakfasts, lunches, soups, salads, dinners, snacks and smoothies using the finest, locally sourced meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts & oils. We focus on using seasonal & Irish produce as much as possible. I haven’t come across many avocado trees in Ireland though so some exceptions must be made! Shepherd’s Pie and Thai Green Chicken Curry are the biggest sellers!


What has been the biggest challenge in setting up your food business?
It’s hard to say. It would probably be taking the risk in actually setting up your own business and saying goodbye to playing it safe.

What other Irish food business do you take inspiration from?
Cully & Sully is a great brand. I also love The Butler’s Pantry shops that are in Dublin ans Wicklow. And of course Nobó!

What plans have you got for 2015?
To take on 2 more staff and get another van on the road so that we can deliver further afield. We are so busy at the moment we just deliver to Dublin City Centre & South County but people can collect from our kitchen in Donnybrook also.

What advice would you have for someone considering a career change or wanting to start their own business?
Don’t be afraid of failure and be adaptable as things can change very quickly!

How can we order your meals?
Currently you go to and get on the mailing list. Then we send out menus twice a week for Monday and Thursday and you order by email or phone. We are currently testing our online shop which will be live very soon so you will be able to order directly through the website in January.

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