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Treat Yourself Better  

 Why it’s important to us and what does it mean?


We’ve always felt there was a contradiction when it comes to treats. On the one hand, when we have a treat we want it to be something a little bit special that makes us feel good. But on the other, at the end of a long day, a challenging week or when we’re in celebration mode  ‘I deserve a treat’ can often become a justification for something that will give instant gratification, but that we really know isn’t good for us, and will regularly leave us feeling worse off and a little bit sad.

Like many people I’m sure, we’ve struggled with this concept and wanted to challenge ourselves to improve. We kept falling into the same trap. Wanting to treat ourselves, then feeling unhappy after we did. Treats started to have a negative association because, in the long term, the ones we were choosing tended to do more harm than good. Treating ourselves to an unhealthy takeaway and copious amounts of chocolate made us sad, but treating ourselves to a home cooked meal of something a little special and enjoying it with friends made us feel happy and energised.


So when we started experimenting with ingredients to come up with our Frozen Goodness it was with this idea in mind. We wanted to create a true treat and we believed it was possible. Something that tasted yummy, that gave us great pleasure and enjoyement when we ate it, and felt a little bit special. But we also wanted to make sure it was only made from recognisable whole foods, free of any nasties and most importantly would never make us feel sad or guilty afterwards.

We’re beyond proud when we see how Nobó has been received and so happy to see we aren’t the only ones striving for better.  And now we want to do more. We’re changing our blog into a mag – which we hope will become a source of positive ideas and inspiration for ways we can treat ourselves better.

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Our team has also recently grown and we are extremely  lucky to have Katie Parsons on board at Nobó. Katie has become an invaluable asset to the Nobó team. Like us, Katie is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying every minute of it. As a nutritionist, yogi and all around super star Katie has loads of great insights and she’ll be sharing them all here on #TYBMAG

We know we’re not the only ones thinking this way, so please join in, say hi and let us know your thoughts and ideas. We’re always looking for ways to improve. Ways to work better, move better, live better and eat better.

We’re really looking forward to hearing what you think!

Rachel & Brian


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