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Goal Setting – In Business and Life

John_Goals_2We’re constantly looking to the future in our business, and setting goals and targets for the coming year and beyond. We would always see it as an essential part of our roles here. We have a really clear vision, and planning the path to take Nobó there occupies a lot of our time. However, we’ve come across some really interesting takes on this topic recently that we wanted to share.

We were lucky enough to hear Joe Schmidt speak at the Bord Bia awards a few months ago. He talked a little bit about this area and how the key thing, in his opinion, is performing the day to day activities to the highest standard possible, which will in turn lead to achievements down the line. He suggested that goal setting can be a distraction, to a certain extent, and take you away from these short term tasks that will naturally lead to success or growth. The focus should be short term, or what you see in front of you on any particular day. You hear so much about long term targets, that it was interesting to hear someone so notoriously meticulous in his planning, challenge their importance.


More recently, myself and Rach had a good chat with our friend Gary Brown about the topic. Gary also comes from the world of rugby, having had nearly ten successful years at Leinster including a Heineken cup win. He now runs Origin Fitness (, a gym in Sandyford, with another friend of ours Paul Drew. We were chatting to Gary about goals and he had some really interesting thoughts too. Coming at it from the angle of people achieving their fitness goals, Gary related it back to parenting and the comparisons there. This is obviously very relevant to us also with little Sam flying around the place! I asked him to take some time to get these points down on paper so we could share them. Here you go…


Firstly, I’m not a parent! But for this, its beneficial that I’m not!

 The whole ‘goal setting’ thing has always really confused me. Really all you have to do is look at something special you have achieved, and break down how you achieved it. 

When you have family and friends with young kids it’s a win win. A huge benefit is you get to enjoy the best in their kids, and can leg it when they get cranky. But one great thing is that you get to see kids and parents grow right in front of your eyes. You can stand back and see the subtle skills parents have and develop in how they discipline and teach their children, how conditioning really works in real life.

 What’s interesting is that you start to see the similarities with adults and how they are conditioned and condition themselves.

 Being a parent is an example of the relentless, consistent pursuit of one goal. To love, nurture and protect their children so they grow to become independent adults with good core values.

 What a parent doesn’t do is sit down and create a check/to-do list to achieve this.

 “Right if they are to get a good job, they have to go to college and so get a good education, which means a good primary school, which means a good pre school, a good crèche…so today I’m going to teach them how to say cow and cat and please and thank you.”

 That would drive anyone insane. Instead, the parent gets up each day and instinctively does the very best they can for their child, they go about their daily routine; teaching, sharing, discipling, loving and so on.

 My point is this. If you want to achieve a goal – whether it be weight loss, to get stronger, to feel better – First, you need to find out what are the daily things necessary for that goal to survive, then you need to go about practicing these things until they become more than a habit, that they are as instinctive as loving your child.


I’m told the first 2-3 days at home with a new born are actually a doddle!! Likewise the first few days of exercising and eating differently will be a doddle too. Of course not really, it’s a huge change, but just like bringing a new born home it’s an exciting and challenging time that will bring out the best in each other. Anticipate the change will be challenging, know what’s coming.

 A goal should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Timed) and blah blah blah… Never really understood it. If it has to be “SMART” then here ya go it’s in here somewhere:

 For a parent, timing of a goal is already done, and easily measured. Age 0-8, years 8-13, years 13-18, years 18-21 and so on. But if these years weren’t set do you think a parent could make such laid back decisions. So time it, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and make it measureable, one dress size, 100Kg Squat etc.

 To that end, a parent doesn’t expect their child to change their own nappy. Be realistic. If you’re fat now, you’ll be fat tomorrow. If you’re fat now you’ll be less fat in 2 weeks.

 Do Parents always agree with eachother!!!? Ha ha….but at the end of the day they do! These daily “agreements” take work and time, but there HAS to be an agreement. Come to an agreement with yourself about your goal.

 Hope it makes sense!

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