MOVE better

Move Better

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We all move every day no matter what it is that we do.

“Movement is big. Bigger than any specific movement discipline and it contains within it HUGE ‘worlds’ like the world of fitness, dance, martial arts, strength, flexibility, circus and more. Specializing is great – but beyond our specialties – we are all HUMAN first, MOVERS second and only then SPECIALISTS.” Ido Portal 

In the past couple of years there has been a major transition away from lifting heavy weights in the gym to movement, calisthenics (body weight training) and gymnastic style training. Many people are looking for something different due to injury or just because they have become bored with going to the gym and not feeling good. If this is something that sparks interest with you there is a growing community in Dublin and here is where you can find them.

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Always Move/ AM Fitness based in Terenure. Andy and his team have created such a great community here. They are so passionate about teaching people to move in a way that suits them individually. The Saturday morning handstand and coffee class is a must try. 3fe coffee is served as you are warming up..amazing! It really is suitable for all levels, even if you have never done anything like this before.

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Cut2Fitness based on Wetland Row just next to Pearse St DART station and run by Scott who is a mind of knowledge when it comes to movement and strength. Scott also runs a Saturday handstand class from 12.30-2.30 and suitable for all levels. Another great drop in class Scott runs is on a Monday evening at 7pm where the focus is on upper body strength.

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Mark from Movement by MOD makes turning upside down look so simple..if only! Mark has always been obsessed with the human body and what we can do with it. He began his journey as an athlete trying to get bigger and stronger but gradually shifted towards a more well rounded approach including gymnastic strength training, mobility, flexibility, co-ordination and movement development. Mark works at Crossfit Green in Sandyford and has a handstand and rings class at 1pm on Saturdays, he also plans on starting a Sunday class soon.

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