EAT better

This week | 041116

A little selection of a few random things we’ve been enjoying, pondering, and that have been circling around our lives this past week which we thought we might share; 

Cow Illustration at Fia Cafe | Ice cream image by GABRIELE STABILE
    • Really enjoying the atmosphere, and working from Fia cafe –  did anyone catch their pop up dinner?
    • We’re excited about Piply‘s ongoing expansion, the takeaway solution we’ve been searching for years for; healthy, fresh, so delicious… and now stocking Nobó!
    • Keeping body and soul nourished with plenty of homemade soup – our favourite way to increase our veg intake as the weather gets colder
    • Looking forward to weekend kitchen experiments, have been wanting to try making a healthier version of this Burnt Miso Butterscotch using coconut oil, coconut sugar & perhaps some cashew butter.
    • Still really enjoying plenty of podcasts and this weeks picks would have to be How to be a Minimalist: Joshua Fields Millburn, How Seth Godin manages his life and Arianna Huffington: On family, success and sleep
    • Have been working hard to declutter and pausing to ask ourselves – does this add value? As inspired by The Minimalists
    • Reminding ourselves that daily exercise is equally (if not more) important for the mind, as it is for the body, and making it a priority.
    • Listening to this song – couple of years old but had never heard it before


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